The Vineyard School library

We aim to re-imagine the school library. Join us in co-creating it!

Why are we doing this?

By looking at the needs and wants of our children, families and staff our aim is to co-create a non-classroom space that transforms the school experience outside of lesson time.

Our library should inspire, encourage self-learning, enable discovery and feed curiosity. Read more here.

How will we do it?

We are using world class design thinking to re-imagine our children’s new library.

Working in small teams, we are following a curriculum developed by the innovation consultancy IDEO and +Acumen, a global learning community for social change-makers with 300,000 students from 190 countries working to move the world forward.

Watch this 90" video to learn about the process three phases: inspiration, ideation and implementation.

Who is involved?

Project lead: Maria Emilia Dutto (Millie) is a design thinking expert who has used human centered design to transform the British Library and libraries for Camden Council.

Our committed team includes teachers and parents with diverse talents and works around children, families and staff learning from them. We collaborate radically across 10 different cells. Our progress is enabled by constantly making the most of tech tools to share ideas and coordinate our work.

Be part of the fun. Join us!

Two goals - Two phases

Goal I / Phase I: to achieve the best possible version of the current library using the results of the design thinking process and focusing on four areas:, 2.content, IT system and 4. a re-imagined library life. This will be done at minimum cost and will serve as pilot test to feed into Goal II.

Phase I estimated time frame: 2018

Goal II / Phase II: to build a new re-imagined library and non-classroom experience based on the learnings from Phase I. This phase includes construction work.

Phase II estimated time frame: 2019

Project launch - Book party!

In January we kicked off the project with a Book party. Parents had the chance to learn about the project, visit the current library and exchange first ideas on how we could make it better.

If you missed it, you can take a look at the photo gallery below. You will not want to miss the next party. Watch this space for upcoming events !

Book party photo gallery!