Parent Initiatives

Parent Initiatives are a key way for parents and carers to help the Vineyard School improve your child's experience.

What is an initiative?

Many of Vineyard parents and carers have particular areas of passion, expertise or concern where they can support the school. Our "Initiatives" gather, galvanise and empower parents to address these.

Driven by the parents involved and supported by the school, Initiatives exist for a clear and specified outcome and only for as long as they are necessary or parents want them.

There is no limit to the scope or number of initiatives, but the PTA or school may suggest ways to focus, consolidate or divide initiatives in order to accelerate success.

The supports initiatives through a range of means:

  • Funding
  • Connecting like-minded parents
  • Connecting like-minded parents with relevant teachers and administrators
  • Publicity via PTA channels
  • Meeting spaces
  • Any other relevant action within the power of the PTA

To receive PTA support, each initiative needs:

  • Owners: One or two parents who take charge of bringing focus and coordinating action
  • Drivers: Parents willing to take on specific tasks to support the initiative
  • Supporters: Parents who wish to be informed about progress of the initiative, but are unable to commit time at this moment.
  • A clear mission: What is the goal of the initiative, in the largest sense?
  • Objectives with measurable success criteria and timeframe: What are we hoping to achieve and by when?
  • Concerns: What is the full list of viewpoints from Vineyard parents and carers about the issue?
  • Solutions: What are potential ways (think big!) that the parents, school, Richmond Council or national government could address the issue?
  • Projects: Active initiatives

Active Initiatives

  • Teacher's wish list

The aim of this project is to try to reduce the cost and environmental impact of some of the projects happening at the Vineyard School by reusing or recycling where possible or where a parent may prefer to donate an item and see the real and immediate benefit of their generosity. Read more

  • Anti-Bullying and Inclusion

Dedicated to encouraging a culture at the Vineyard School that encourages inclusion and prevents verbal, physical and digital bullying. In our highly diverse school community, we aim to promote civility, empathy, inclusion and equality. We aim to help pupils suffering from rejection or bullying by raising awareness of bullying signs and sharing effective solutions with them, their parents and their peers. Read more

  • Nutrition

Having heard parents express an interest in nutrition and food, the school created a committee to work with the school caterer on developing menus and choices. Read more

  • Vineyard Alumni

We launched a Vineyard Alumni Initiative to enhance engagement with our school's alumnae/i. We aim to revive, enhance and create lasting friendship between pupils, parents and staff of the Vineyard School. Read more

  • News & Research

This initiative gathers and highlights news and research on primary school education. Please share interesting articles, news, research on primary school education by email to Read more

Initiatives under consideration

To activate an initiative, all we need is a parent to take ownership, find supporters and set out a mission. To get going, send an email to with the initiative in the subject heading. The core PTA team will connect you with like-minded parents, set up your Initiative page and help you to succeed any way we can!