Anti-Bullying & Inclusion

This page is dedicated to the Vineyard parents and school Anti-Bullying and Inclusion Initiative.

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Mission: Anti-Bullying and Inclusion

Parents dedicated to supporting the Vineyard School culture of encouraging inclusion and preventing verbal, physical and digital bullying. In our highly diverse school community, we will work with the school to promote civility, empathy, inclusion and equality. We aim to help pupils suffering from rejection or bullying by raising awareness of bullying signs and sharing effective solutions with them, their parents and their peers.

Objectives with measurable success criteria and timeframe

By the end of Autumn term 2017, we want to host an event that raises broad awareness among the Vineyard School community and create a online resource hub for fellow parents.

Concerns: Input welcome from all Vineyard parents and carers on Anti-Bullying and Inclusion

  • As a school with so many children joining from reception, my child has a tough time making friends while arriving in year 4 - Year 4 parent.

Solutions: Potential ways (think big!) that the parents, school, Richmond Council or national government could address the issue?

Projects: Active initiatives

Activities for Anti-Bullying Week (November 13 to 17)

  • A Stop Bullying non-school uniform day on Friday 10th November where children are encouraged to wear blue. Children will pay a £
  • Monday 13th November - pupils and teachers will be given a blue rubber wrist band (these cost 50p each and are covered in part by the money from non-school uniform day and I will donate 150 bands). These will be handed out by teachers so all children get them. I will organise the purchase. They will wear these throughout the week so good to have some spares in the office for those who lose/forget them.
  • Throughout the week 13-17th there will be various assembly and events organised by the school. I suggested to make two short video montage of parents and teachers talking about their experience of bullying (as victims, bullies or bystanders - hopefully can get from all three). There will be one video appropriate for KS1 and another for KS2. Video should be max 5 mins.

Resource Hub for Vineyard pupils, parents and teachers

We are gathering all articles and online resources that may be useful onto this page. Please share with commentary of why you like it.


Parental Supporters

Owner (One or two parents who take charge of bringing focus and coordinating action):

  • Charlie Harrington

Drivers (Parents willing to take on specific tasks to support the initiative):

  • Vibor Paravic

Supporters (Parents who wish to be informed about progress of the initiative, but are unable to commit time at this moment.)

  • Thomas Crampton