Class Liaison Rep Responsibilities



o Maintain a class list – The School Office will provide you with a class list at the start of the school year. This should be put into a user-friendly draft and sent to parents through book bags or by posting on classroom windows with a request for changes or additional information (i.e. email addresses, parents’ names, etc.). Please provide the PTA Secretary and the office with a copy of your final list. Please note that the contact list should only be used for PTA, school and social matters and not for personal or business advertisements, requests for sponsorship or unofficial school information which has not been approved by the school office or headteacher.

o Welcome new parents to the class - As soon as you have been advised of a new child joining the class, the class list should be updated and circulated. If it is not possible for you to meet the new parent in the playground, please give a note to the class teacher with your contact details, so that this can be put into the new child’s book bag.

o Attend PTA meetings – The PTA meets once each half term to discuss spending, upcoming fundraising, etc. If possible, at least one Rep from each class should attend the PTA meetings.

o Organise cake sales - The PTA holds cake sales from time to time from the PTA hut on Fridays after school. Class Reps choose a Friday for their class at the start of the school year. In general, the more cakes you have, the more money you’ll raise, so a week or so prior to your cake sale day, you should remind parents in your class to donate cakes. A few good ways to do this: i) speak to as many parents as you can, ii) send reminders home in book bags iii) run a reminder in the PTA newsletter and iv) posters in the driveway and your classroom window. The PTA Treasurer will leave a float at the school office for collection on the day. You are expected to count the takings, make a note of the amount raised and give the money back to the office staff or to the PTA Treasurer as soon as possible.

o Organise your class stall at major fundraising events – Historically, these are the Fireworks Evening, Christmas Fair and Summer Fair. The event coordinator will either assign stalls/tasks or let Class Reps choose their stall via a sign-up sheet. Once the stall is assigned, Class Reps are responsible for fully managing their stall. This includes any purchasing, appeals for help, baking, decorative/signage and organizing manpower for the stall on the day of the event. The event coordinator is there for support (and you will be put in contact with previous stall organizers), but work on the stall falls mainly to individual classes. It is best to gather as much support as you can from the other parents in the class and delegate the work. Any expenses incurred may be claimed and you should put a request, together with receipts, in the PTA Box (which is situated by the School Office) marked for the attention of the PTA Treasurer.


o Organise class social events – Classes generally rely on Class Reps for informal social events like coffee mornings or pub nights. These are great for bringing parents together and promoting friendships within the class.

o Organise Christmas and end-of-year gifts for staff.

  • As distributed to class reps by The Vineyard School in Autumn 2017