Become a Class Rep

Class Reps lead the most fundamental parental support role at The Vineyard School. They are the PTA’s front line. The ability of our school to increase parental support depends on their success. All parents must work to help Class Reps succeed.

Who is the Class Rep for your child's class? Full list in the Parent Volunteers page. Email if you want to be connected with them.


The PTA core team will quickly share with you all opportunities and concerns raised by parents and need you to do the same. In addition to our communication channels, we have an “Initiatives” page on the website where any parent can raise an issue, passion or concern they would like to address and find other like-minded parents. Please do not hesitate to share ideas, feedback or encouragement via


We bring a number of tools to demystify and make your work easier:

  • Steal with pride: Whenever possible, we will share with you simple templates that you can copy and paste. At the bottom of this email, for example, you will see an email signature. We would appreciate you putting it at the bottom of your emails. This will help us to get more parents on board. If you see a good email from another class, copy and paste. Steal with pride and spend the saved time with your child.
  • Top Tips: We have some Top Tips at the bottom of this page. Please contribute if you have more. (Note: Most important Top Tip: Two class reps for a class means half the work!)
  • Free External Resource: is an incredible resource for which our PTA pays each year. It has templates for posters, checklists for events and many other resources you may find useful. Please send an email to me at to get an account.
  • Sharing: We would like to set up a way for class reps to share learnings among themselves. WhatsApp has come up most frequently, so we will try it out.


Children are fun, so helping our children should be fun too. I find it hard not to smile when dropping off my children in the morning. Let’s extend that to our class reps and the PTA. If you are a less experienced class rep, we can pair you up with a class rep from year 5 or 6 for advice from a veteran.


What is a Vineyard Class Rep?

  • A friendly point of contact for parents with children in that year group or class.
  • Enhances communication between teachers and parents.
  • A crucial part of The Vineyard community.

Class representatives at The Vineyard are volunteer parents who represent all parents in a particular class or year group. These representatives are a crucial conduit for communication between parents and the Vineyard PTA.

Class reps provide the collective voice of the class/year parents to the PTA, parent council and school on any particular school-based issues. While many classes have one parent, we recommend getting two volunteers per class: that way parents can share the workload and may feel more confident working in pairs.

What do class representatives do?

A class/year representative is a friendly point of contact for parents with children in that year group or class. Their duties at The Vineyard School include:

  • Promote PTA events and activities to parents in the class/year (by email/leaflet in book bag/in person).
  • Be the collective voice of the class/year group to the PTA/parent council or school on any matters affecting their children where parents would like to see change (for example, bigger cloakroom space or better ways to bring letters home from school etc.)
  • Ask other parents for one-off offers of assistance for events such as staffing a stall at a fair and organising class fundraising cake sales.
  • Talk to class teachers regarding what items they would like the PTA to fund for their classes/years and feedback to the PTA committee.
  • Attend PTA meetings
  • Represent their class/year on a parent council/parent voice group which the school would consult with on school-related policies and initiatives.
  • Arrange get-togethers such as coffee mornings for parents in that class/year (primary) or evening drinks at a local pub (secondary).
  • Class representatives may also like to organise Christmas or leaving presents/cards for class teachers (asking for donations from parents and buying appropriate gifts and/or asking pupils to sign a card).

Why become a class rep?

  • Your child will benefit since friendships bloom when parents are friends, this is particularly important for children new to the school or in reception.
  • Your child may feel more comfortable talking to their peers if they see their parents doing the same.
  • You will readily have contact details to help parents arrange play dates and invitations to birthday parties for the children.
  • You will help make the Vineyard School a better place for your child.
  • You will help foster a sense of team spirit among class/year group parents.
  • You can get to know parents across the whole school.
  • You will get great insight into your child’s classroom and school life
  • You will raise your profile at school and help build trust with the class teacher and the head teacher.

What are some Top Tips for doing a great job?

  • Start a dialogue with the other parents in your child's class and year by inviting them to a coffee morning after drop off, a trip to the local playground after school or an evening pub drink. This will give parents an opportunity to get to know each other, especially useful if it is at the start of the school year.
  • Any others you suggest? email