New Parents

Welcome to new Vineyard Parents!

PTA info sheet (1).pdf

The Vineyard School parents would like to welcome new parents and pupils for the 2021/22 school year to our community. The Vineyard is a fantastic school that we are certain your children will love as much as ours do.

The staff is amazing, the location stunning and our children incredible ;-).

That said, a key element that makes our school great is the direct involvement of parents.

As you get to know the school, you will learn about the important role parents like you play in making our school special through amazing events and volunteering.

We invite you to get involved as a parent volunteer for a number of reasons:

  • Easy - We have many ways that even the busiest parent can get involved.

  • Essential - Like every state school, The Vineyard has severe resource constraints. Our annual library budget from the state is £400, or less than 85p per child for the year. Our library only opens when parent volunteers are there to open it. (And there are many!)

  • Good for your child - Studies have been shown that children whose parents are involved in the school do better socially and academically.

  • Fun - We have great parents and great events! Take a look at the Vineyard PTA Facebook/Instagram page. TheVineyardPTA


Chiara Parodi

Chair Vineyard PTA 2021/2022