Upcoming Events

Draft program of upcoming events for 2018 (schedule may change and let us know if you want to get involved in the fun!)

Ice Skating Rink - Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th Feb

Tough Mudder - Saturday 5th May

Richmond May Fair - Saturday 12th May

Disco night - Thursday 24th May

Summer Fair - Saturday 16th or 23rd June

Sponsored Walk - Thursday 5th July

Other ideas: Quiz night? Nutrition focussed dinner in school? Movie night? Mugs? Tea Towels? Another Silent Auction? Nutrition dinner featuring the school chef?

Email pta@vineyardpta.org if you would like join the fun!

Harvest Banquet to Sample School Food, November 24

The parent survey showed a great interest in nutrition on the part of parents. Aiming to help parents, the PTA has the pleasure of requesting the company of all parent on Friday 24th November at a harvest dinner of school food.

Prepared by The Vineyard's Chef Jakub Owczarczak, seasonal harvest food will be served in the canteen, including only dishes your child ate within the last month.

This school food will be accompanied by a selection of fine (and not so fine) wines selected to go with canteen food

After the service, Chef Jakub along with Amanda Moody from our school caterer, Radish, will take questions from parents.

Classes are encouraged to sit together to show appreciation for all the hard work done by our Class Reps.

Cocktails from 6.00pm, supper from 7:00pm after drink discussion at 8:00pm.

Tickets cost £15 and must be purchased by November 17. Parents unable to join the supper are welcome to join for free after dinner for the discussion. There will also be live video for those who cannot make it at all.

There are limited seats available and tickets must be purchased online by Friday 17th November. We are being charged £10 for each meal, with the £5 profits per person going to support the school.

Menu is below. Book tickets here!

See you there!

Drinks: 6pm-7pm - KS2 Hall

Light welcome snack:

-Mini sausages with honey and mustard

-Chimichangas (V)

Dinner: 7pm-8pm KS1 Hall

Serve from Counters

-Roast Southern Gold Pork with "Chef Jakub Roasties" , Honey roast root Veg and Apple sauce

-Minced Organic Beef and Onion Pie topped with Sweet Potato Mash with Braised Red Cabbage

-Vegetarian Lasagne or Sweet Potato&Chick Pea Curry with Rice and Naan Bread

Salad Bar

- Same like Our Kids have every day

-Freshly Backed Bread



-Marble Cake

-Fruit Salad

-Gluten&Dairy Free Fruit Cake

Conversation with the Chef: From 8pm