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Notes from Vineyard School head teacher Ruth Whymark to the school community.

You can read about Ruth's career here and learn her latest thoughts on education via Twitter.

Ruth Whymark, Head Teacher's Note, October 9

In our assemblies this week we have been considering the important value of ‘resilience’ and how we ultimately can improve by our hard work, belief in ourselves and focus. We learnt about how a boy called Austin redrafted his butterfly drawing using specific feedback from his friends in order to improve his work. This links strongly to our emphasis on developing a ‘growth mindset’ in our school community.

If you wish to read more about what ‘growth mindset’ encompasses and how to promote this in your own children then a helpful book to read is Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck. We also enjoyed a song from Sesame Street called ‘The Power of Yet’ (Also embedded below). This encourages us to think that if we find something difficult that we can’t do it yet but with resilience, hard work and a growth mindset we will be able to achieve it in the future. - Ruth Whymark