Come and Be a Volunteer!

Please meet some fellow parents who volunteer to support your child at school. They include the Class Liaison Reps, Event Leads, Initiative leaders as well as the PTA Committee, which supports these activities. The many not shown include class readers, sports coaches, maths helpers, those volunteering at events, those accompanying class trips and many more. Join us!

Class Liaison Reps

Class Liaison Reps are crucial in connecting teachers to parents and carers. Full description of Class Liaison Rep responsibilities here, along with links to each class page. We aim to recruit two or more Class Liaison Reps per class, which makes the job more manageable and fun! Our success in rebuilding parental support for the school depends on class reps succeeding. For that reason, it is in the interest of all parents to help Class Liaison Reps succeed.

Event Leads

The Vineyard parents pull together a number of highly regarded headline events that play host to the school and broader community. 

These include Fireworks night, Christmas fair, Spring fair, Summer fair and a stand for the May Fair on Richmond Green. Each event has a lead parent and support from other parents and the PTA. See the events page for how you can get involved!

Fireworks night

Christmas fair

Spring fair

Summer fair

The PTA Committee

PTA Committee's role is to encourage, support and promote all parent volunteer activities - from readers in reception to events and initiatives, such as the Anti-Bullying Initiative. 

The PTA Committee has a very clear goal, role and guideline on how we act

The formal roles are laid out below, but there are many, many parents who give significant contributions of time and other resources on a punctual basis.

Committee Members 2022/23

General contact:

Chairs: Cath Cook, Zsofia Dedinszky

Treasurers: Charisse Beaumont

Secretaries: Krista Barratt, Harriet Rowland-Roberts