About our PTA

PTA structure

How is the PTA Structured?

The PTA is a flat organisation of which every parent or carer is an automatic member. For efficiency, there are several sections to the PTA. Core functions are the following:

1. Core support functions: Chair, Secretary and treasurer

  • Work with parents and carers to set vision and priorities

  • Ensure all necessary roles are filled

  • Enable all forms of communication

  • Account for money raised and spent

  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Find, prioritise and approach organisations local and national that may be willing to support financially or other ways

  • Ensure the legal entity delivers books to the charity commission, pays insurance, etc

  • Maintain PTA assets remain in good working order (wooden hut, noticeboard, store room, etc )

2. Class Reps: Class Rep Coordinator and Class Reps

  • Ensure each class has two Class Reps

  • Enhance connection between the individual parents and teachers in each class

3. Support Functions

  • Event planner(s)

  • Fundraising Officer

  • Social Media and Website Manager

  • Second-Hand Uniform Shop Manager