PTA Funding Priorities

Once raised, how are parent funds fairly distributed?

Each year the PTA spends all funds raised in a manner determined by the school parents in cooperation with the headteacher, staff and governors. Our role is to enhance the educational experience for pupils beyond the minimum government-funded level.

To make the selection as transparent as possible, we apply the below evaluation framework developed by the parents and school. As always, feedback welcome! Please email

The Vineyard School Parent Funding Priorty Matrix

Funding goals for 2017/18

Library Renovation

Total government funding for both our junior and senior libraries is £400 per year. As identified by the staff and headteacher, our school has urgent need of refurbishment of the Key Stage 2 library and making it a library for all the school years as KS1 do not have a library. Last renovated nearly a decade ago, the library for children aged 8 to 12 has a random collection of books, insufficient light and nowhere for children to relax and read. Reading directly correlates with academic success and it is crucial to establish reading habits during primary school. A first phase of priority renovation, including construction, a new IT system to replace the 25y old one and priority books would cost roughly £25,000.

The below list was compiled in January 2017 through a consultation process between parents, teachers and the board of governors. A similar process will take place in the 2016/17 school year.

PTA spending recommendations from funding panel January 2017