Privacy Policy


Policy last updated: 23 May 2018 (GDPR compliant)

The Vineyard School PTA understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used.

This policy provides you with information about what types of information is collected, how we use the collected information and with whom we share the information. By providing Personal Data to the Vineyard School PTA, you agree to the terms and conditions of this policy.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Vineyard School PTA and its website. Our website may contain links to other websites. Please note that we have no control over how your data is collected, stored, or used by other websites and we advise you to check the privacy policies of any such websites before providing any data to them.

1. Information about us -

The Vineyard School PTA is a registered charity in England and Wales.

Charity no.: 1150744

Address: The Vineyard School, Friars Stile Road, Richmond, TW10 6NE



2. Information we hold -

Personal Data is anything which identifies you as an individual, either on its own or by reference to other information.

Personal data that we may collect, use, store and share (when appropriate) about you includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Name of parent / carer / guardian

  • Name of child

  • Email address

  • Phone no.

  • Address

3. Why we use this data -

The purpose of processing this data is to support the Vineyard School PTA to achieve its roles as stated in the PTA Constitution:

  • Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school;

  • Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the pupils.

4. Our lawful basis for processing your data -

We only collect and use personal information about you under any of the following circumstances:

  • You have given us consent to use it in a certain way.

  • You are one of our suppliers / service providers and we have a contract with you.

  • To comply with a legal obligation.

  • We need to protect your vital interests (or someone else’s interests).

  • We have legitimate interests in processing the data.

Where you have provided us with consent to use your data, you may withdraw this consent at any time by emailing We will make this clear when requesting your consent, and explain how you go about withdrawing consent if you wish to do so.

Some of the reasons listed above for collecting and using personal information about you overlap, and there may be several grounds which justify our use of your data.

5. How we store this data -

Personal data is stored in access restricted folders in Google Drive. Access of these folders are only given to PTA committee members, Class Reps and PTA event organizers in order to fulfill the roles of the PTA as stated in section 3 in this policy.

After your child has left the Vineyard School, we will dispose your personal information.

6. Data sharing -

The Vineyard School PTA will not share your personal information with any third parties without your consent.

7. Your rights -

Individuals have a right to make a ‘subject access request’ to gain access to personal information that the Vineyard School PTA holds about them.

If you make a subject access request, and if we do hold information about you, we will:

• Give you a description of it

• Tell you why we are holding and processing it, and how long we will keep it for

• Explain where we got it from, if not from you

• Tell you who it has been, or will be, shared with

• Give you a copy of the information in an intelligible form

Under data protection law, individuals have certain rights regarding how their personal data is used and kept safe. You have the right to:

• Object to the use of your personal data if it would cause, or is causing, damage or distress

• Prevent your data being used to send direct marketing

• Object to the use of your personal data for decisions being taken by automated means (by a computer or machine, rather than a person)

• In certain circumstances, have inaccurate personal data corrected, deleted or destroyed, or restrict processing

• Claim compensation for damages caused by a breach of the data protection regulations

To exercise any of these rights, please email

8. Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information about anything mentioned in this privacy policy, please email

Whilst this privacy policy sets out a general summary of your legal rights in respect of your Personal Data, this is a complex area of law and this privacy policy is not intended to represent legal advice. More information about your rights in respect of your Personal Data can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website at: